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Patrick Wolf - Ballet

It's Going To Be A Beautiful Day

So Do The Bluebirds Say

Tweets of the Yesterday
Patrick Wolf - Ballet
  • 10:29 @HypothesisNow Brooklyn! (haha, no.) England, but not until Zach's there. #
  • 11:30 @LoraInnes Haha, yeah, love might be a strong word. They're just so gloriously kitschy, in such a strange, near-naked way. #
  • 11:34 Lurking in the dark. (aka, came downstairs to find my sunglasses, didn't bother to turn on the lights, got distracted, stayed.) #
  • 11:34 Update: my mom turned on my lights for me! (Also, going upstairs now. Brunch and the NYT awaits.) #
  • 15:02 @mskatz @theyelenanator YESSSSS So You Think You Can Dance. Yesss. I'm getting my whole family into it. #
  • 23:48 @HypothesisNow Don't freak. Many spiders are black. Black widows do not generally live inside, from what I've seen (I've seen a good many). #
  • 01:06 @HypothesisNow Understandable. They're creepy. (I say as one crawls across my stuff about two feet from me. I live in a basement. *shrug*) #
  • 01:11 I am amused by the fact that one can buy sex toys on Amazon.com. #
  • 01:13 Downloading the just-released Patrick Wolf (@pw_official) album RIGHT NOW. So very excited, but cannot listen to it tonight, need to sleep. #
  • 01:21 It's a legal copy of the @pw_official album, by the way. US physical copies are out August. Oh, & I just bought tickets to see him the 26th. #
  • 01:21 (I am having an exciting Patrick Wolf night, sorry.) #
  • 01:32 @reneengstrom Lovely page! I like that Anders & Johan are sort of spooning. I never realized how short Johan is compared to Anders. #
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