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Patrick Wolf - Ballet

It's Going To Be A Beautiful Day

So Do The Bluebirds Say

Tweets of the Yesterday
Patrick Wolf - Ballet
  • 12:30 Just found "map" of "The State of the Study of Religion" which very succinctly sums up why I hated Religion 101. The Hegemony Superhighway! #
  • 13:11 Tomato sandwich! #
  • 20:06 Got home just in time for "So You Think You Can Dance!" Yayyyyyy. #
  • 20:12 @jdewar Oooooooh. Jealous. #
  • 21:13 @KatieHanna I didn't know you lived in TN! Also, if you're passing through NC from TN, you should come see me! I'm on the way! #
  • 21:42 @Siskiwit Wow! That's sort of wonderful, but also very odd. #
  • 23:39 RT @Glinner: Videogum have it right. this is inspiring bit.ly/13V3Sv #
  • 00:12 @pw_official Small words to say, but people love you & are worrying, thinking of you. Hopeful that the daylight brings better things. #
  • 01:46 Weird noise outside. Sounded sort of like the AC unit was attacking a small mammal. Hope it was just weird creakiness from said unit. #
  • 01:47 Definitely not just the AC unit. Looking outside now. #
  • 01:50 Oh my word. I am silly. It was a commercial on a website playing really, really quietly. I should really go to bed now. #
  • 01:52 Final update re: noise. It was both - website AND AC noise. No small mammal murder as far as I know. #
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